Resources for Students
Who Strive to Excel

APA Guide by Plonsky This is a comprehensive APA writing guide which is particularly useful if you have an arcane question.
APA Guide by Purdue A good, basic APA guide.
BJS Data Page The Bureau of Justice Statistics has lots of good research data.  Check it out.
DMV Research The California Department of Motor Vehicles also does research studies and reports.  Find them here.
California Law Here is a searchable listing of all 29 code books that make up California law.
The National Center for Juvenile Justice is a great resource for juvenile statistics, reports, and programs.
Serial Killers
Downloadable data on the lives of serial killers.
Child Psychopathy An abstract on psychopathy in children.  I can get the actual articles if you are interested in this subject.
The great Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics.  This should be your first destination for statistics from the UCR and NCVS.
ScienceDaily Interested in brain development and disorders?  This is a good starting point for your research.
CCJR Here is a list of full-length research articles, primarily on offender treatment and policing, from my old university.
Crime Scene Network Lots of articles here on evidence collection and preservation.
Expert Working Group A Finish government website of article titles on collection and preservation of mark evidence.  You need to request the articles separately.
Trauma Central These are U.S. government articles on forensic science.  This site is now down.
Paper Suggestions Trying to decide on a research topic?  Here are some suggestions.
NCJRS Need more research paper suggestions or articles to use?  Try the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), which collects research from a variety of federal criminal justice agencies.  This page is their index.

I have a couple hundred or so research articles on corrections, offender treatment, policing, domestic violence, gangs, IQ, twin studies, crime analysis, and psychopathy, just to name a few of the large categories.  If you have a specific topic request, let me know and I'll see what I can find for you.


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