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Introduction to Constitutional Law

Some students are having problems with the Week Nine writing assignment, so here is some help. 

The 6th Amendment assignment due on Tuesday, April 4, is on Page 17-18 of the syllabus.  You need to find cases, particularly death penalty cases, that were appealed because of defense attorney incompetence or misconduct and write a paper describing how the appellate courts respond to defense attorney incompetence and the standards to which it holds defense attorneys.

    You can do this as an essay or a couple of detailed case briefs.  Two pages are required, but more are always appreciated.  Cases on ineffective attorneys are fairly common, but you may want to start here: This a report on incompetent lawyering in cases that have been reversed due to factual innocence.

    Don’t forget that you also have a final project to do for Week 10.


Welcome to Introduction to Constitutional Law. Content will  added as I have time, but for now, check out the links on the left panel for help in finding cases.

    The final exam is a take-home exam
.  See the left panel for the exam.  It will be due midnight Sunday, April 10, 2012 and must be mailed to me prior to class.  Naturally, if I detect even the slightest whiff of cooperation between students, or plagiarism, all involved exams will receive a zero grade.  Good luck. 

Christopher Bruno